February 17, 2020

Inside: People want delivery today. Whether it’s for their monthly vitamins or their lunch. Discover what the rapid rise of delivery services in retail means for your independent community pharmacy and how to start your own pharmacy delivery service.

With a call or clic...

February 16, 2020

Many small businesses may think they can’t afford same day delivery services but partnering with a local courier can result in several benefits.

Better Customer Satisfaction
For those who may not be able to wait for their order or make it to your store, same-day deliver...

January 17, 2020

Why Same-Day Medication Delivery Makes Sense for Patients

Let’s explore some of the reasons why patients want same-day healthcare deliveries.

Mobility Issues

Patients on maintenance medication for chronic conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, or asthma understand...

October 15, 2019

People’s needs are evolving as technology and innovation become more deeply ingrained in their lives. They want fast and efficient services available to them on demand— the same way the apps on their phones respond to a swipe or a tap.

In the health care world, this is...

August 14, 2019

Presently, it has become imperative for the medical industry to find ways to provide healthcare to its recipients quicker and more efficient than ever before. Improved equipment in ambulances and smarter tools to use on the field away from the hospital are only a small...