Why using courier service …

If you have some packages you need to mail, you may wonder what would be the best way to do that. With today’s technology at hand, you have a number of options.

  • Reliability- The regular mail is rather reliable, but things do get lost from time to time. If you value your package dearly, and do not want to take any chances, you should perhaps consider a courier. Courier companies make it a priority to get your package where it needs to go on time and safely.

  • Faster – Book a time slot to have your parcel delivered same day. Distributions with Speedlink Courier Services are flexible and versatile, whereas with the postal service, strikes or sorting delays could mean your items disappear for days.

  • Safety – We provide a signed proof of delivery for your package.

  • Delivery Options - When you mail a package the regular way, the post office will tell you the package should arrive on a certain day. They do not give you a specific time and you can never guarantee that the package will really make it there on the exact day you have specified. Couriers can give you written guarantees that your package will not only make it on the right day, but even at a specific time if that is what you want. You can have the package taken to its new location immediately.

  • Competition- When talking of service, you can expect a better service from the courier companies. This is because each of the courier companies strives to give the best service as they want more business. But in the case of regular mail, there is no competition, and it is as much a part of the government

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