6 Signs That You Need a New Medical Delivery Service Provider

People’s needs are evolving as technology and innovation become more deeply ingrained in their lives. They want fast and efficient services available to them on demand— the same way the apps on their phones respond to a swipe or a tap.

In the health care world, this is fast becoming the norm rather than the exception. Patients want their medical supplies and prescriptions delivered to them - fast! In a study we conducted, 50% of respondents who recently had a health care item delivered to them said they prefer to receive these items same-day.

Their reasons include mobility issues. For example, patients recovering from surgeries have limited mobility and find it difficult to personally pick up their prescriptions or medical supplies. Another reason is time constraints. Patients suffering from chronic conditions like hypertension or asthma cannot afford to wait multiple days for a delivery. And the list goes on.

Here are 6 signs that you need a new medical delivery service provider.

Your current medical courier may be lacking - and we know why

Health care businesses can greatly benefit from working with the right courier. But not all deliveries are created equal. While healthcare customers no doubt appreciate speed, they also demand quality courier service from a trustworthy provider. There are many factors that come into play, and it’s important to ensure the right boxes are checked when deciding who to partner with.

Here are some reasons your medical courier may not be the right fit:

Lack of established industry experience

Working with a knowledgeable last-mile partner in the healthcare industry is essential. Drivers should be prepared for and experienced in delivering medical and surgical supplies, prescription drugs, home infusions, specimen samples, X-rays, medical records and paperwork, and medical equipment and devices - all of which require special handling that can range from temperature-controlled packaging to large delivery vehicles.

Poor customer service

It’s critical for couriers to ensure you’re aware of the status of your deliveries at all times. If any issues arise, drivers should get in touch right away. When handling time-sensitive and mission critical items, having an open line of communication is essential in the healthcare space. Better than that, working with a courier that offers real-time tracking gives you and your customers visibility without having to pick up the phone to get a status update.

Nonoptimal vehicle conditions

To ensure medications and other healthcare deliveries arrive in the same condition they left, vehicles ought to be climate-controlled and clearly branded for your patients’ security and peace of mind. And for good measure, drivers should carry insulated bags with them so any medications that need to be temperature controlled will not be affected en route.

Unscreened drivers

Professional, uniformed, and background-checked drivers are key factors to look for. When handling medical-related deliveries, you want to be sure they’re in the right hands and delivered professionally by a uniformed driver in a branded car.

Non-HIPAA-compliant drivers

It’s critical to ensure the drivers are HIPAA-compliant and meet regulatory standards.

Speed, quality, and security all matter in healthcare delivery. And your customers deserve nothing less. With the internet and social media amplifying the customer’s voice many times over, just one bad customer experience can be devastating for your brand. The worst part, customers will pin the bad experience on you even if the fault lies with your courier partner.

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