Same-Day Delivery Services


We offer very swift, reliable, secure and cost-effective same day delivery services throughout Southern California

Contracted Drivers

Contract drivers provide a stable one person contact for repetitive stops.

We can wear your uniform or ours.

Contract Route Service also allows the client to keep employee head count low.

Routes, within shifts, are flexible.

SpeedLink dispatchers are alerted if drivers are running late or ahead of time.

Our Flexible Shifts are :

- 4 hour contracted shift

- 6 hour contracted shift

- 8 hour contracted shift

Routine point to point


SpeedLink is the leading same-day delivery services company, offering a wide range of point-to-point fulfillment and distribution for clients of all types.

Pickup and delivery within 3-4 hours.

Stat service

Pickup and delivery within 2 hours.

SameDay Courier delivery