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Importance of Same Day Delivery

Same day delivery services are one of the most important considerations for a potential customer. While the market focuses on eCommerce same day services we know that reliable same day delivery is an integral component in running a business today.

Consumers are more price-conscious than ever before and are more frequently likely to purchase from a new provider if the price and delivery options match their own needs, in short customer loyalties (in retail terms) aren't what they used to be. Delivery options and pricing are more important than ever before in securing a sale and with that the rush for merchants to offer express, on-demand and same day delivery services has expanded at an unprecedented rate.

Studies show that businesses that are unable to provide same day delivery services are losing sales every day, and the younger the consumer the more likely the loss of business to a company that provides urgent delivery options.

Amazon Prime has changed the market nationwide and alongside that the expectations of the informed shopper, who in turn is bringing these experiences to the world of business where we at SpeedLink Courier Services provide excellent same day delivery for medical courier services, legal courier services, same day business delivery and individual express delivery.

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